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招生 Counselor for Transfer 招生


  • 招生


家乡: Metairie拉

我的同事: students who want to 转到洛约拉. 

I went to college at: Southeastern Louisiana University 

My college activities:艺术 

My advice for college: Stay focused and organized. Leave yourself time to get to know and meet people. 参与.

My favorite 新奥尔良 festival: French Quarter Fest. It highlights our local musicians and food, giving the best experience for 新奥尔良 life. 

My favorite 新奥尔良 tradition: The Second Line [a traditional 新奥尔良 dance]. It's a wonderful way to celebrate life, new marriages, and even death. Truly, the second line epitomizes 新奥尔良 culture of music, family, and fun.

My favorite 新奥尔良 food: 所有的一切! Hot beignets after a parade, crawfish boils with family and friends, roast beef po-boys dripping with gravy, gumbo right at the first cold snap, 虾小龙虾...I can go on and on.

My favorite Mardi Gras parade: 酒神巴克斯

My favorite thing about Loyola: Its unique position in this wonderful city. Situated right on St Charles with it's beautiful campus, welcoming students to its history and their future. Truly a gem of 新奥尔良.